Our Story

Hey Babe! Thanks for stopping by Stella B. Clothing!

It all started over mimosas and chicken and waffles (A southern Brunch at it's finest)!

A commercial interior designer turned stay at home mom, I have always had delusions of grandeur including becoming a super model, marrying Brad Pitt, owning a "cat lady-esque" amount of kittens, and lastly, having my own business.  (I'm sure you can guess which one panned out for me). Back to the story....I had just jumped on the "I've been working a 9-5 for 4 years and now I'm a stay at home mom with huge aspirations that I probably don't have time for because I should be feeding my extremely adorable baby," train. I road that train for a while, until I decided I wanted something else, something that was FUN and just for ME! Something that was my very own, that I could work endless amount of hours at, that would either become a huge success or huge failure.  And so the entrepreneur seed was planted...but I didn't do anything with it, the seed was just there, hanging out.

Months later, my ever so fashionable group of friends got together over brunch for gossip and girl talk. Conversation was as usual: recap of that weeks Real Housewives episode, new products at Sephora, who needed to lose the most weight before bikini season, and last but not least where we purchased every single item we were currently wearing.  Several friends, began to tell me how they were shopping online for their fashion finds, and on FACEBOOK nonetheless.  This sparked my fashion loving attention,  "Wait, you can buy stuff while your trolling on Facebook?!? This is amazing!" And out popped that little seed...I was hooked on the idea of social media shopping and knew instantly that was what I wanted to do! This social media/fashion loving queen decided a Facebook clothing boutique was the next adventure in life! And so it began...

Stella B. Clothing began as a Facebook only boutique in 2013, and has grown into a full blown website within that short period of time thanks to the BEST and most LOYAL customers around! Stella B. would not  be here if it were not for the continued support from our babe-alicious customers, as well as fabulous and fashionable affiliates and blogger friends! A sincere THANK YOU to all of you for making my dream a reality! You're the best!



Katie Nelson

P.S. Want to see something specific on the site? Email us at info@shop-stellab.com  with ideas or specific pieces that YOU want to see on the site!  For more deals, pre-order sales, shopping and giveaways, check out our facebook page, www.facebook.com/ShopStellaB and Instagram, @shopstellab